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Retail energy supplier North American Power underwent a brand relaunch to ditch its’ past reputation as a network marketing company, and compete for customers on a platform beyond simply offering low rates.
The process took over a year, and involved internal data mining, customer and competitive research and new product development to answer needs uncovered during the discovery phases.
branding mood board
icon and illustration design style
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The result was a credo to making consumers’ cost for energy more sensible, and easy to understand. While the logo remains nearly intact, the brand’s supporting visual elements work to convey a friendly and useful information architecture, offering equal opportunities to speak naturally about rate offers and witty energy puns.
website design mood board presentation
Some early mood and aesthetic boards for the new website explored the concept of simplifying the entire home energy shopping experience to just a few commands and transforming the site into an app-like dashboard to solidify the connection between rate + usage = cost; a cornerstone equation in bringing the new brand to life.
energy marketing company website design concepts
While unique, the proposed simplified site structure didn't offer enough room for SEO content and the appropriate level of storytelling. Longer-form pages were generated in the next round of design, with a focus on bringing the value prop equation to life through visual interaction and a more personal tone. 
cms website design
The website structure was eventually transposed to CMS framework, which also introduced a fixed-width page container to represent responsive content in a more controlled manner.
responsive website design
understandabill product branding and logo
Understandabill, a monthly e-report that dissects suspected home energy use based on user feedback and algorithms was also developed to support the new brand value proposition.
understandabill webpage design and product marketing
customer portal design
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energy company icon design
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jetsons concepts and direct mail style samples
The brand is primarily marketed via direct mail, with growing support across digital channels. The need for versatility and inventiveness is constant; to maintain direct mail open rates and keep offers fresh, while still holding true to brand construct.
Early on, a test was even done licensing characters from The Jetsons to create interest and position the new brand an easy progressive choice for smart households of the future.
sample email marketing style library
A wide selection of email creatives done across a testing spectrum to prospects and former customers alike.
advertising cross-channel campaign
The new brand’s clever playfulness came to life on TV in 2017 with the debut of “Bill Shock,” a freewheeling and gloriously unaware character who annoys a married couple with his tactless antics.
(Note: Brand and creative work done while Creative Director, North American Power. “Bill Shock” Concept and Creative: North American Power team. Agency Co-Credit: milk SoNo. Film & Production: Alkemy-X).